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welcome to arik airline

Arik Air is basically a Nigerian airline which operates regional, domestic and international flight network. It operates mainly from two hubs Murtala Muhammad International Airport situated in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, which is in Abuja, as far as United Kingdom is concern, Arik Air UK operates from London Heathrow. At present Arik Airline is the largest airline operator in Nigeria which aims at providing cheaptickets to all its customers. Arik Airline is west-Africa's best airline in terms of cheap tickets and world class customer services. Arik Air came into existence in April 2006 by taking over a Lagos based, Nigerian Airline. And after no later than two months it started its reconstruction work and took delivery of two CRJ-900 aircrafts which flew on domestic routes throughout Nigeria, since than there is no looking behind for Arik Air.It officially started its international operations by a flight to London-Heathrow on December 16, 2006.

Arik Air welcomes you to enable yourself with trustworthy and secure services throughout your journey. Meeting of all perfect standards is a reason that travelers, who once travel by Arik Airways, make it their selection every time they need a cheap yet secure flight. It would be no wrong to say that Arik Air Nigeria is indeed the fast growing and fabulous network in the field of tourism Industry. Besides departing from Nigeria, from the two hubs at Abuja and Lagos, Arik air further conveys it service to 12 destinations including South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America. In just 6 years of its service, Arik Air has developed a strong image if it is compared with other airlines having chances to work at theworld's busiest airports. It has its good name for punctuality, reliability, trustworthy services and secure and safest journeys. With Arik Air Booking, our dedicated and professional staff always willing to help you at your smaller gesture and you will experience the highest level of customer services.

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It has been correctly said that even traveling can become a burden if your wallet is not properly planned, wherever you wish to travel, getting a cheapest flight to that destination is everyone's priority. So why paying much when Arik air is offering cheapest rates as low as 189 pounds to more than 10 destinations as Benin, Makurdi, Warri, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. All these places are repellent with beauties of one sort or the other. Arik Air aims at proving at Luxury does not always charge you luxuriously if you play it smart. And off course there is no smarter choice than selecting Arik Air to make you trip a real pleasure, besides being economical. At Arik Air, safe healthy and sustainable environment is guaranteed as Arik Air offers commendable services in order to make your trip a real luxury and delight, thus being memorable in its nature. AT Arik Air, safety is considered as the number one priority so to minimize the threat of accidents. In this respect, a safety program is developed and implemented by the Corporate Safety and Security Department, consisting of highly trained and qualified engineers.

Arik air aims at achieving highest level of aviation safety performance and seeking to achieve zero harm to people by minimizing the impact on environment through business operations. Because the insurance of you safety and health has been set by Arik air as its priority.Serving only in its domestic state in the earlier days of its existence, Arik Air opened new horizons for itself and truly determined its own ways by getting a grant from Federal Ministry of Aviation for authorized ways to other countries in no less than 4 months. It was due to the awesome and commendable services offered by Arik Air all through these years that there is no looking back for Arik Air.So if you wish to get a cheap flight to Nigeria or from Nigeria to anywhere you wish to go, Arik Air provides you with cheapest fares as compared to any other airline. Feel free to call at our Arik Air booking office and get cheap tickets to Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and many destinations. Arik Air UK aims to provide you best world class services in very economical prices. Get your quote today, write us at, or call us at 0207 096 1736. A memorable journey awaits for you!

arik airline destinations from LHR - Nigeria

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  • Cheap Flights to Dakar
  • Cheap Flights to Calabar
  • Cheap Flights to Benin City
  • Cheap Flights to Banjul
  • Cheap Flights to Asaba
  • Cheap Flights to Accra
  • Cheap Flights to abuja
  • Cheap Flights to yola
  • Cheap Flights to Gombe
  • Cheap Flights to uyo
  • Cheap Flights to sokoto
  • Cheap Flights to Accra
  • Cheap Flights to port harcourt
  • Cheap Flights to owerri
  • Cheap Flights to new york
  • Cheap Flights to Monrovia
  • Cheap Flights to Maiduguri
  • Cheap Flights to Luanda
  • Cheap Flights to Enugu
  • Cheap Flights to warri
  • Cheap Flights to Lagos
  • Cheap Flights to Kinshasa
  • Cheap Flights to Kano
  • Cheap Flights to Kaduna
  • Cheap Flights to Jos
  • Cheap Flights to Johannesburg
  • Cheap Flights to Ilorin
  • Cheap Flights to Ibadan
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